Hi! I’m Saffron Wiehl. I was born and raised in Goa, India. Although a mix of European and Asian ethnicity, I have lived most of life in India.  I went to school in Kodaikanal, at the Kodaikanal International School and then went on to study illustration in Australia. I did an illustration course at Chisholm Institute in Melbourne for 3 years which I loved, but as soon as I graduated  I came back to my roots in Goa and began my career as an artist. 

Saffron Wiehl

Growing up i was surrounded by nature, with a garden that resembles a Goan jungle and beautiful beaches on my doorstep. My illustrations are all inspired by my love for nature and the unique culture of India. Goa is very seasonal with 6 months of guaranteed sunshine and 4 months of guaranteed rain. I find the contrast in these seasons a massive inspiration for the colours in my work. From the sunset shades, to the monsoon greens, I spend hours recreating these hues with watercolours. My love for colour falls alongside my love for intricate patterns and detail, which are present in all my work. For me happiness comes in the form of a fine liner and a watercolour set. 

With a Goan-jungle-facing art studio in the comfort of my house, I don’t have to go far to be inspired. Here is where all the artistic magic happens. I invite you to take a trip with me, via my art, and get a sense of the beauty that is India and Goa. May it delight and inspire you too. 

I sell both originals and prints from my studio in Arpora, aptly named, Studio Arpora, where customers are more than welcome to come and have a look. So if you find yourself in Goa, come say hi!

I am always exploring new artistic options. I’ve created a small collection of 100% silk scarves, kitchen towels and textile prints. With many other projects in the pipeline. I also offer exclusive personalised commissions for anyone who is interested in adapting a piece of my work, or who wants to commission something completely new.  Get in touch and let’s explore the possibilities.